Tuesday, December 24, 2013

"The Eve of Christmas"

Well yet another month has gone by so fast that I didn't have any time to post anything, no I wasn't busy, just lazy I guess. I knew that I was probably going to be going from store to store buying gifts with the wife all month so I guess I was resting and preparing for it.......Ill also confess that I did some shopping this morning on the Eve of Christmas.

It feels like we just put up the Christmas tree and lights and I have a feeling that We I will be taking them down this weekend, again this holiday has gone by to darn quick. We did have a chance to watch some of our favorite Christmas movies like Jingle all the way, A Christmas Carol (Jim Carrey), Deck the Halls, Christmas with the Kranks, Christmas Vacation and others so that's a plus, oh and if you have a chance I stumbled upon a movie call Homeless for the Holidays a few years back the acting is not top notch but the storyline is great. It was added to our top ten list.

One movie that I save for the end is "A Christmas Story" this is one of my favorite so I'll be watching that all Christmas day......OK maybe twice because I will be taking the decorations down.

So......with that I will say Merry Christmas to you and yours and if I don't post anything until next year...... Happy New Year those of you that read this blog...... thanks.

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