Monday, June 23, 2014

"Just Letting Out Some Steam"

"Just Letting Out Some Steam"
Top 5 things I can get less of on Social Media Sites and NOT! Lose sleep over.
#1 Game Invites (If I didn’t accept your first 10 invites it’s probably because I don’t want to play)
#2 Girl Fights (When a girl acknowledges what another girl did to her and then say that it did not bother them…Well then don’t say anything at all! That just means it did bother you and you want input from others)
#3 No Bad Posts ( Why won’t anyone post when their car gets reposed or anything bad… but you do post when you bought your new ride.. then please post when its gone because you can’t afford it)
#4 Money Chain Letters (This one I cannot stand at all…how in the world is sharing a picture of money going to help you get money…last I heard you had to go to work and earn it. Uh...if it was only that easy….oh and if you are sending these out please follow #3 because thats whats coming)
#5 The Sympathy Card (FML….. or could this day get any worse….. and how about this one, what a bad Day, I don’t want to talk about it…..What!?! Then don’t post about it)
Alright enough for now these are just some of the ones that bother me…..they are not in any specific order and there are many more, so I will post some more later on.
Feel free to post your “not so favorite ones” in the comments below.

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