Thursday, October 23, 2014

"I'm the baby"

It’s funny how a child can change you, it’s not just that you grow up because you are now responsible for a human life but this child has made me a baby myself. Before I go on there will be Halloween in this post I promise, I find that every time I see a newborn I quickly think he or she is just adorable and that is not a word I use regularly or was ever in my vocabulary, also I find myself fighting back tears with every video I watch of a baby or young child in it...gosh huh…..wait “gosh” where did that come from.

But I will also do anything for this child…anything. When we watched the first episode of The Walking Dead there was a scene where a bad guy had a baby by the neck and threatened to harm her. I had the worst feeling on that scene and I swear that I would have done something bad to that guy I mean I was angry, sad, felt hopeless and it was just a TV show but if you have read my blog you know how much I get into movies and shows.

Then there is this…

I wasted no time painting my daughters bum so that my wife could make a bumpkin out of it. See this is in the Halloween spirit, even though I used my daughter as the butt of this joke…get it. HA HA.


We even attempted to take pictures of her in a pumpkin patch but this was the best that we could get out of her, she was more entertained by the grass as it was the first time that she felt it between her toes. I will say this, she kicked the crap out of the grass and we all had fun.

Oh and Daddy made that bow....yup!


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