Friday, October 11, 2013

Day #11

This movie was first introduced to me by my sister and I thought, how can my little sister make me watch a stupid movie? Well I was wrong this movie was cool no wait... Awesome! I must say for a movie that was released about 15 years before I watched it, I say bravo John Carpenter for directing the movie and
Stephen King for the novel. The movie is about a nerd that (you know gets picked on most of the time) finds a strange car on the side of the road that is being sold by a weird man who tells the kid that the car has an evil mind of its more go watch it.
A Model kit that I will never build.

and a toy car I will never open.

Okay enough of that, this movie was good in that it really didn't stray to far off on anything else but the car showing everything evil about it, and how it affects who ever owns it.

 This is right before that character Arnie changes his demeanor.

The beast showing its true colors.

If you have not seen this movie amazon has a 24hr rental that you can watch on your PC or Portable Device*.

24hr Rental on PC or Portable Device*
*Not all devices supported

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