Friday, October 4, 2013

Halloween Countdown Day #4
"Candy Haul"
Well What can i say but I think that kids enjoy Halloween for the candy tho' i may be wrong. HA! yeah right hell when i have kids i think ill use them as an excuse to go out and get my own bag of candy, no i know what you're thinking I'm just going to take theirs....well yes and no i remember
Some of my favorite candy i just don't see anymore I'm not sure if its because i got to old to trick 'r treat or the fact that i just stopped eating candy in all. I stopped because, well I hate to say it but I didn't listen to my parents and didn't brush regularly, but i couldn't resist the dang candy. Some of my favorites were hard candy with something inside like the strawberry flavored candy wrapped in strawberry wrapper  or that cherry flavored candy that had bubble gun inside of it, I bet you were like me and didn't wait to finish most of the outer candy and just crunched your way to the center. Those were just some of the candy that I hoped to see when I poured out my bag of treats on the living room floor at the end of night.

What are These?
While still on the topic of Halloween candy I will now talk about the stuff that I didn't want to see in my bag, that stuff some grownups from another neighborhood probably gave to kids that were not from their street. It was that type of candy that if you put your bag of sweets in the closet and forgot about it and found it when digging for whatever it is you are looking for but know you will never find, but instead stumble across the bag and the candy would still look fresh and edible.......but you won,t eat it.....will you?

Oh and for those that grew up in the south like me.......

this would have been the holy grail if found in your Halloween bag.

"Happy Memories"

Oh Yeah!  What was your favorite candy to get or hated to get? Let me know in the comments below.


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