Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Well I'm a day late, but its my first time so bare with me. I enjoy the Halloween season because its the first time we feel cooler weather and the best part is it marks the start of decorating season.

What is decorating season you ask well its that time of the year when the holidays are just around the corner and decorations get taken out and put up. We put up some of our Halloween decorations yesterday late in the evening after a episode of The Walking Dead, trying to catch the wife up on the series as she was a late bloomer to the show, it was dark when we stepped out to put them up she didn't want any lights on so no one can see the decorations until we were done. A bit of advice use some light when putting that fake spider web up it gets a bit crazy.

I'll leave you with that to think about, in another note i will be posting a bit of everything in this blog
it will be Halloween themed as its the month of October it will also count down to that important day of the month and will follow suit with the other holidays and months to come. I also have a Faceboook Page that shows the toys of my past and maybe yours to i have giveaways and other cool stuff from time to time so stop by and say hi....oh and don't forget to LIKE my Page.

Nostalgic Memories

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