Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day #5 Another Great Movie
Now I will start off by "Not saying that Christina Ricci was my pretend girlfriend back then" because the comment I made about Sarah from Hocus Pocus didn't go to well with the Wife. All I can say is that I bet I was not the only one with a crush on her back in the day. Wait I better stop before these posts turn into movies i watched because of the actresses. No that's not why i watched it 
besides that would most likely be her reaction to seeing me in person. This movie is another that hits close to home in the area of place, time and was in the Fall, seeing all those brown leaves just made me feel all cozy inside knowing that it would be getting colder here soon and knowing rain would also be in the forecast just made it better. If you're like me you loose yourself in movies so much that when you watch a movie like this one with dark cool weather that as soon as the movie is over you look out your window and see that it's bright and sunny outside you get a little ticked off.....Right! Right!.....No? oh well just me i guess.

This movie is about a father and daughter pair that move into a huge house that is apparently inhabited by the worst ghosts imaginable not even the ghostbusters can eradicate them so they call a Dr. that can apparently talk to spirits to help them out. Who wants the ghost gone and why? Well your just going to have to watch the movie, its a good movie....Go grab the family, cat or dog or whomever and watch it.

Dan Aykroyd makes an appearance as his character
Ray Stantz from Ghostbusters.

It also stars Bill Pullman as Kat's father Dr.James Harvey, plus many more cameos of great actors of the time.


  1. It had a great score by James Horner, funny I don't remember Ray in it... thank you for sharing.
    Visiting as part of the "Countdown to Halloween"

    Jeremy H.

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  2. Another film that has slipped by me. Hear positive things, mostly, so might have to break down and watch this year.