Saturday, October 19, 2013

HWCD The Craft

 Day #19
"The Craft"

This movie is in my top 13 favorites, why 13? Well in the spirit of the Thirteen Nights left of Halloween, I will try to list my 13 top favorite stuff of all time that will include movies, games and toys that are in the spirit and bring back the memories of my Halloween past and present.

I not sure what it was that made me like this movie so much that I added it to my list. The funny thing is I never replaced the VHS tape with a DVD so I haven't seen it in a while but I wouldn't mind watching it now or at anytime, to bad I don't have a VCR player. 

 I guess I was in that phase in my life where I thought this stuff was cool, I bought books and somewhat dressed in large baggy clothes,Hey I was in high school, plus I'm glad I didn't ware black all the time that's just weird to do in Texas. Maybe it was the fact that in the movie they were able to do cool stuff get what ever they wanted and I didn't care that it came with consequences.....well I guess I did because I don't follow or find that stuff interesting anymore. 

Still a great move.

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