Monday, October 21, 2013

 Day #21
"Tremors 4"

This movie is at spot #11 on the 13 Days of Halloween countdown. I really like the Tremors movies and everything about them, well except for some parts. I watched this movie with mixed thoughts at first because there were no familiar actors that I had seen before.
 There was Hiram(aka Burt in all the other movies) and I also really liked Juan Pedilla and the fact that he could never keep a hat on. He was also not a bad actor and held well in this movie.

 Now this guy, Black Hand Kelly almost made this movie horrible and I could not stand his acting so this scene made it all better and I was able to finish watching the movie. I recommend the movie pack if you can find it as you will pay a small price for all the movies.

          DVD                  All 4 Movies 1 DVD

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